Andy Reid expects “a little bit of a challenge” from Super Bowl week schedule


When the Chiefs made the Super Bowl last year, they arrived in Miami a week ahead of the game in order to take part in media night and the other availabilities in the days leading up to the game.

Things will be different this year. They’ll be traveling as if it were a regular road game while all the media sessions will be held virtually. Reid said on Monday that not losing a day due to travel and media night could be a plus, but he still expects the team to feel a squeeze on their time next week.

“The first week’s similar to what you had last year,” Reid said. “The one thing that you’re minus is that long travel day, media day, that thing. You’ve still got it, but it’s right here at home . . . Other than that, you’re still going to have obligations, a tremendous amount of obligations, to the media. You gotta work your schedule around that so that it fits. That second week is a little bit of a challenge.”

The Chiefs handled the challenges of Super Bowl week without much problem last year and everyone’s grown used to the remote media access over the course of the season, so it’s hard to imagine that they’ll be too thrown by the way things will unfold this year.